Face to face with Shellshag

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This week on the Audio Imposition, we chat with DIY legends Shellshag about the origins of their nicknames, the similarities between turn of the century baseball and DIY bands, how to torture people wearing gorilla suits, their involvement with a DIY baseball league named after Dock Ellis, how Chattanooga may have the best scene no one is talking about, and the joy of touring. We also give them gifts to celebrate the World Cup, we discuss why the band doesn’t face the audience when they perform and why they shed the standard format of most bands, the scene in San Francisco in the ’90s, the first season of their series “Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision,” the difficulties of not being able to control your product, we hear about their plans for the second season of their show, we pitch our own ideas for future episodes, discuss the importance of having talented younger friends, plus we play several, rare records from Shell and Shag’s massive record collection.

Shellshag are playing shows in June and more information about those dates can be found on their website here.