Sarah Palin and the amazing disappearing tragedy

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sarah palin blood libel

Say what you will, I like how Sarah Palin takes responsibility for her words and doesn't blame others. It's the quality of a great leader.

Unlike some who may try to use the “Tragedy in Tuscon” as a means to political gain, Palin took four days, cleared her conscious and her Facebook page, and fired back at those who cited her rhetoric as a source of incitement. But we didn't need Palin's defense. Leader of the liberal lamestream media Jon Stewart said it best when he solemnly stated that Sarah Palin was no more responsible for Jared Loughner's heinous acts than Marilyn Manson was for Columbine.

Sarah Palin knows that her now-infamous lock and load word play is as old as the shoot 'em up wild west, but give her credit where it's due for stirring up a century old shit storm with “blood libel”, the number one Google search term of January 12, 2011.

Instead of laying low for the commies at the New York Times and beyond to trample over, she threw the “blood libel” screwball for what we can decipher as one of two reasons:

1) Blind verbiage, the meaning of which she did not know! Delivered with gusto! This is Palin at her grizzly-gut instinct best! Thank god, too. It's about time someone threw some un-fact-checked, emotional speech-writing at the American public. Change we can feed on!

2) Wasn't there something else that happened other than her speech? What was that thing about real-world political assassinations? What better way to distract the public from the tragedy at hand than by invoking an inflammatory phrase that has no relation whatsoever to the events that transpired in Tucson? Why take responsibility for inflammatory rhetoric when it's easier to “restart” the conversation with some references to baby killin' Jews?

In conclusion, Palin did what she does best: she jerked her knee mightily, so that we could chatter in dismay at the velocity and thunderous repercussions when her foot hit the ground. Sarah knows: this isn't the time to “reach across” any aisles! No time to marry the butcher to the bride! It's a blood wedding, after which we'll need a good blood bath, and some blood wine to wash it down. And then think up our own blood references; after all, the blood in Tucson has already dried.