Pummeler, Jungle Olympics c32

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Noise, noise, noise.

Don't let the name fool you, this is no “tropical-drone” excursion. You will get a faceful of electronics, indistinguishable vocals, guitar distortion and a load of feedback. It will hurt. Pummeler (a.k.a. Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley) calls it his harshest yet. However, if you sit and listen quietly, its blending and subtly done layering will ultimately reward you.

Jungle Olympics does what a good deal of noise can't: remain interesting.

The slow moving, harsh wall of noise growls and slinks along with only slight changes, but the different noise patterns and quasi-melodies create a lively bit of interplay oozing in and out of itself. The playing is highly emotive and passionate; this isn't a 40-minute feedback affair.

When you get an artist who can so deftly maneuver through such a thick brush of noise to ultimately reach a place of beautiful free-improv you get just that: some jungle olympics.

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