Saint Clair "Human Touch"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Saint Clair Crooner Emma Topolski, releases the latest single “Human Touch” coming off of her forthcoming EP “D2” which is being released in early 2018. Topolski grew up mainly around artistic people and is the first person in her family that has pursued a music career, which has opened up many opportunities for her.

An artist does have to work hard and sometimes, they won’t get recognition right away. Years before her music career, you could usually find her performing at jazz gigs three or four times a week as the singer. The experiences do pay off, and you can clearly hear that in Saint Clair’s music.

Topolski shares what really inspired her to start making music,
“In the very beginning, it was Ella Fitzgerald who inspired me to sing and The Beatles who inspired me to write I reckon. In terms of starting my own project and exploring my sound, I’d say James Blake and Amy Winehouse both were of equal importance.”
She also tells us what motivated her to write the new single “Human Touch”,
“I had just seen Tame Impala live at Ally Pally and was inspired by ’New Person, Same Old Mistakes’. It has such a sexy groove and leaves so much breathing space in the verses.”
“Human Touch” defines the artist’s capabilities and the raw talent Saint Clair can bring her listeners. You can hear a Neo- soul sound that follows your heart beat,  and you really start to grove when that relative tone and newfangled bassline drops. This is one of those highly listenable tracks that anyone will add to their music library.