DJ Dog Dick at PS1

Post Author: Nate Dorr

This weekend saw three floors of PS1 taken over by crowds of exhibitors for a Printed Matter-curated art book fair, featuring German silk screen books, British psychogeographic surveys, Scandanavian-design-magazines-as-15-foot scrolls, print-on-demand t-shirts, lazer-cut pop-ups, photocopies, tracts, comics, leaflets, a riot grrl zine library, stacks and stacks of showpapers.

And via the latter (and Todd P), this performance from veteran zine-maker DJ Dogdick, at his raucous hyper-animated best. At one point, blasting some of his harsher noise off his home-made synth rack, a PS1 staff member jumped on stage as if things had become a little too hot for art museum crowds. But it turned out to just be an announcement about moving bikes off the loading dock gate before someone cut the locks… and the show went on.

And yes, we did get Dog Dick twice in one week.

Getting too hot for art museum crowds.