Green Milk from the Planet Orange at Silent Barn

Post Author: Jeremy Krinsley

Ecstatic Sunshine were fashionably late to the point of not showing up, so Green Milk made sure no one would suffer from any awkward silence between their own set and the night’s tardy closers. They blistered everything within hearing distance for about fourty minutes with their jammy metal-based brand of prog rock (“The new wave of progressive rock, Yeah!”), which knocks so hard and fast it’s a battle of will to keep pace enough to realize the intensely detailed structures contained within each of their compositions. When they finished, the singer, Dead K thanked everyone politely, and Todd P told them to play more. They obliged. After another thirty minute song that started and ended like a Pink Floyd methadone drip but rose to nightmarish heights in between, Todd told them to play again.

We all shuffled awkwardly for a few seconds as Dead K re-tuned his guitar, and they launched into another piece that passed “epic” somewhere around the fifteen minute marker, after starting on fractured Thom Yorke vocalizations and distended bass tones and climbing, once again, towards heights of battered confusion. Their virtuosity always prevailed, and not one misbehaved guitar squabble or unmitigated quarter note slipped out from the mix. These guys are pros.