Terrorbird Holiday Extravaganza at Bottom of the Hill

Post Author: , Kati Prescott

A night of merriment at San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill courtesy of Terrorbird Media’s Holiday Extravaganza last Saturday night. Great to see Exrays live for the first time, although I felt they should have held a headline spot given that they have made some of the better noise I have heard this winter.

Seattle’s Brent Amaker and the Rodeo brought more c/w fun than an ampitheatre gig headlined by Kinky Friedman and C.W. McCall, with a lone Hooters gal as a hype-woman. Fol Chen brought some excitement before the nob meddlings of Maus Haus closed the night. My compliments to Terrorbird co-founder George Corona III for putting together a great night and enjoying an Anchor Steam Holiday Ale with me. Cheers!

Exrays, Fol Chen and Maus Haus for the holidays