Throw shows at the Bat Barn

Sometimes you plan on throwing a show in a barn and then you decide that there’s way to much black mold so you throw it in your kitchen… which only makes the show better because now there’s a balcony to jump off of.

Meisce (drunk in Gaelic), a raucous Irish/ gypsy punk band from Seattle made their way to rural Massachusetts to inaugurate our Bat Barn. Combined with opener Marlon Battad’s heart-felt folk yelled at the top of his lungs, Mutiny Amongst Friend’s folk punk that sounds like hobos who moved to Connecticut and pissed the fuck out of the neighbors, and Yeesh’s punk and math rock, (and posters by Milo Ward), its safe to call the show epic.

By the time the show ended everyone was sufficiently sweaty and the love letter left behind, which we decided to post on the Internet instead of delivering, was evidence enough that when you jam a bunch of people into a small space and play loud enough, sparks do indeed fly.