Highly Suspect, The Boy Who Died Wolf

Post Author: Michael Brummett

Grammy nominated rock trio, Highly Suspect, has an angry, ‘fun as shit’ new album coming out, entitled The Boy Who Died Wolf. Members Johnny Stevens, Rich Meyer, and Ryan Meyer showing off a truly cohesive sound, their title track “My Name Is Human” is deserving of being front and center.

The Boy Who Died Wolf is a 24/7 soundscape of road melting, black hole, high energy choruses. Highly Suspect is more than just one sound, though. Tracks dripping in emotion like “Send Me An Angel” kick around a more vocally mellow feel, while channeling what seems to be Death Cab For Cutie influences in “Viper Strike”. Not to mention the closing found in “Wolf”.

Even social commentary finds its way into The Boy Who Died Wolf, a welcomed lambasting of racism and homophobia. Having listened to the album 10 or 12 times before reaching this point, the gentle haunt of “FWYT” stuck with me just as much as “My Name Is Human”. Surprises at every corner, “Chicago” is a love ballad of mistakes and reflection. Who else is this dynamic?

Nailing every track, hitting them all out of the park, The Boy Who Died Wolf is worth a listen or 10. Their album comes out on November 18th and can be pre-ordered here. Highly Suspect has a huge Facebook following.