Mavrick, Atlantis

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Stockholm, Sweden’s Mavrick has been quite busy, having just played his first UK live show to a stunning crowd at the Scandi showcase in September.  He has also been working on the follow-up his critically acclaimed 2015 single “Remedy” with a stunning six track debut EP for the masses. The EP – titled Atlantis – was released just today, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. We’ve got a couple of tracks for you to stream right here, but know that there is more to enjoy, and it’s available now.

The title track doesn’t appear until the fifth slot of the album, although its placement is crucial to give us a slow breather from the blending, upbeat sounds we enjoy throughout “Let It Burn”, “The Weight”, “Give It Up”, “Keep Calm” and “Hail To The Queen”. Indeed – as many others have noted – it’s difficult to pinpoint Mavrick’s sound, especially since he hasn’t tried to classify it himself. Some tracks boast a gospel sound, there are pop and rock elements woven throughout, and most have a smooth, R&B flow to them.

Atlantis leaves you feeling free, like a cumbersome weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Allow yourself to dissolve into its sound for a meager 24 minutes, and you’ll get ten fold out of it. It’s emotional, captivating, and enchanting, all thanks to Mavrick’s gorgeous, heart felt vocals. It is because of the way he delivers the music that you really feel a part of the narrative, and it’s absolutely magical.

What can we say? Mavrick “took [our] breath away.”

Atlantis is out now via Universal Music Sweden.