Chase Allen, “Lost Souls”

Post Author: Andre G

They clearly doubt my god given talents. The radio station wouldn’t co-sign me.”

Perhaps that’s part of the reason Philly native Chase Allen left his hometown and sojourned all the way West to Los Angeles. Or maybe it’s because of a self-described time of “turmoil” and “significant personal growth” after reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Regardless of what has Allen walking the streets of LA in his “Lost Souls” video, this writer is glad it happened.

The first single from his upcoming, aptly-titled, Far From Home project, “Lost Souls” showcases what made Allen believe in himself and decide to bank on his talent. He is the hip-hop equivalent of the five-tool baseball player. One listen to his rapid-fire rhymes showcases deft lyricism, witty wordplay, pointed observation, and the ability to apply those gifts to tell a coherent story.

Allen describes “Lost Souls” as a song reflecting on a circumstance where, “with all that is in the media and warped into the educational systems, by the time most of us realize we are lost it’s too late because we are already programmed to believe a certain story.”

Lost Souls is about those with “no guidance, mentally and spiritually homeless, lacking knowledge of self.” Far Fom Home will be released on December 16th.