Lust For Youth run across Tokyo in their new video

Post Author: Zack Wilks

Lust For Youth–the Danish darkwave group–made some buzz with their most recent release, International, because it shed the darkwave classification that had always been coupled with their name. In lieu of lo-fi synths and rusted beats, International gleamed technicolor in its sharp, androgynous vocals and boutique production. So in keeping with the album title and the motif of forward movement present on the album, the just-released video for “Running” features the trio gamboling across Tokyo, soaking in the neon sights.

The video was directed by band members Hannes Norrvide, Loke Rahbek, and Malthe Fischer, and plays like those here-look-at-how-crazy-and-beautiful-Tokyo-is sequences in Lost in Translation, if the budget were truncated and if a few more grams of drugs were consumed. Whereas the Sofia Coppola movie was about generational and cultural rifts, Lust For Youth’s video focuses on the more modern issue of the relationship between humans and technology, where they cross and where they split. Still, expect to see a bunch of people having fun in a foreign city, the sort of dazed revelry that perfectly matches the just-before-dawn feel of “Running”. And the cameos from Dirty Beaches and Sacred Bones labelmate Pharmakon don’t hurt, either.

Lust For Youth are also embarking on a tour of Europe, the dates for which can be viewed below.

Lust For Youth Europe Tour:


09  Copenhagen, Denmark at Pumpehuset


12 Amsterdam, Netherlands at Melkweg
19 Barcelona, Spain at BAM Festival
20 Lisbon, Portugal at Galeria Ze Dos Bois
21 Porto, Portugal at Maus Habitos
23 Glasgow, UK at Broadcast
24 Birmingham, UK at Alfie Birds
25 Dublin, Ireland at Bello Bar
26 London, UK at The 100 Club
27 Manchester, UK at Soup Kitchen
28 Paris, France at Point FMR
30 Rennes, France at 1988 Live Club


02 Marseilles, France at L’Embobineuse
03 Madrid, Spain at VillaManuela Festival *
04 Bordeaux, France at Cafe Pompier
08 Lyon, France at Le Sonic
09 Milan, Italy at OHIBo
10 Rome, Italy at Circolo degli Artisti
11 Padova, Italy at TBA
14 Antwerp, Belgium at Het Bos
15 Kortrijk, Belgium at De Kreun

* with Amen Dunes and Marissa Nadler