Armand Hammer, “CRWNS”

With a refrain built upon Dennis Green’s infamous press room outburst, Armand Hammer’s “CRWNS” video directs the accusation towards our nation’s history and historical figures, from Rick Ross and Kobe Bryant to the founding fathers and Porky Pig. Armand Hammer invite us to lift the wool and read the fine print in order to no longer be surprised by the gilded guise. Elucid’s gravely croon reminds us, “don’t let them off the hook.”

Taken from the Furtive Movements EP, “CRWNS” rides a bluesy guitar sample, rooting the verses from Elucid and billy woods in America’s oldest musical tradition and its youngest equally. Armand Hammer take to “CROWNS” like two men cliff noting Howard Zinn’s A People’s History Of The United States. Elucid directs our attention to the diaspora of oppressed backs that built our nation’s infrastructure, while billy woods focuses on the cyclical mistakes we make as the proles, from Mesopotamia to World Star Hip Hop, foolishly crowning the wrong kings.

“CRWNS” is about recognizing the kings in control and anointing the real kings, those throughout time who truly built this country into “everything and more we thought it might be.”

Armand Hammer’s Furtive Movements EP is out now on Backwoodz Studioz.