Otium, “Nostos”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

“Nostos” exists as a result of three inspired years of creation, from Brooklyn artist Otium. As a 55-minute magnum opus, it is a documentary that is quintessentially human. Cinematically, it engages throughout, imbuing wonder, intense emotion, and internal dialogues throughout. The scale of the effort so clearly present in this work is almost overwhelming, with each individual frame seeming derived for a purpose.

From Otium himself:

“Memory is the star in which we used to wish, the dream we lose after waking, the key we hold but cannot turn.”

Confidently, I find “Nostos” to be a massive, meaningful production of which its reach ought find no limitation. It feels important, although difficult to categorize, and ultimately explain and share. As an indie-music journalist, I keep a short-list of creative works (singles, albums, short films, movies, EPs) that give me chills, leave a lasting impression, and earn my personal respect, that I share given the opportunity. “Nostos” now has a spot on that list, which will be published on Impose in the near-future.

You can find both Otium and “Nostos” in its many versions on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.