To You Mom, “Your Innocence”

Post Author: Michael Brummett

“Your Innocence” is the creation of Luca Lorenzi (vocals and keyboards) and Massimiliano Santoni (guitar, keyboards, electronic pads) of Northern Italy, coming together in 2011. Known as To Your Mom, the duo originally set out to create just one EP, I am Ian, as an ode to Ian Coleman, an imaginary astronaut, before calling it quits. By the end of 2012, following a departure from other artistic projects, Lorenzi and Santoni decided to bring back To Your Mom, as a new, emotionally electronic atmosphere with a 90s melody.

Their first album was the 10-track We Are Lions, released on Italian label, Ghost Records. An upcoming album entitled This Harmony is farther off in April 2017, but with gradual single releases, found within “Your Innocence” recently, and “Bow to the Limbo” in January. You can listen to more of the duo on iTunes and Spotify, and keep up with their new releases on Facebook.