Caddywhompus, it's never too late for a name change

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Caddywhompus is the Fuddruckers of band names. Truly regrettable.

The New Orleans/Houston band's chops more than make up for my inability to disassociate them from the world's greatest hamburgers. Panda Bear vocal inflections ride guitar licks siphoned through tracks that can reach prog-like levels of structural complexity. And there are moments that should make Double Leopards proud. These are only moments.

Actually, most of this new album, Remainder, set to tape under a layer of charming lo-fi haze, is made of fragmentary moments; plenty of other beasts lurk with the Pandas and Leopards within its eight frenetic tracks. Zappa's in one of the caves, mauling a guitar. There's someone from the mid 90's, probably that guy from Dismemberment Plan, emoting in another one, and while they may have thrown the Walkmen in the first half of “Balloon Knot”, that closing racket is coming from the weed temple at the end of the road where our aforementioned Leopards laze.

Caddywhompus, “At Bay”

Caddywhompus, “Balloon Knot”