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Rock documentary DIG! on Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dandy Warhols hits the internet.

When you're watching the requiem for a scene that is the rock doc Dig!, the words deluded, irony, self and distance aren't just other words in the dictionary waiting for someone to come along and give them context. Sure, this writer could re-bludgeon the well-beaten horse of critique hidden in these words about this very entertaining 2004 film on the subject of creative ecstasy and batshit crazy party in-fighting, and keep going until his levels of self-loathing over committing such an act of hackneyed retread reporting reached real highs. Yes, I could do that, but I don't want to do that.

Instead, I'll relate a true and nearly boring anecdote about Brian Jonestown Massacre singer Anton Newcombe. One summer a couple of years ago a friend and I were walking east on the south side of Washington Square Park. Anton Newcombe was walking just ahead of us in the same direction when we heard a girl's scream from somewhere on the northern edge of the park. My visiting friend and Anton Newcombe, like a couple of paladins (one with tassels on his jacket) sprang into action, running across the street in the direction of the sound and shouting, “Police!”

After that, nothing happened, but let it be known that Anton Newcombe's moral compass will point him in the direction to put his neck out to aid a stranger.

Watch knight errant Newcombe and his band, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, along with hype wunderkinder to Veronica Mars theme song writers The Dandy Warhols, streamed free, courtesy of snagfilms.com.

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