Future Islands Stranded Inland

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Tour bus breakdown sets Ear Pwr and Future Islands begging for loose change.

If you are wondering why Future Islands and Ear Pwr have not brought the dance to your city as it was initially planned, here's why. The tour van that carried our synth-loving friends across the fruited planes broke down in Montana. If you have never been to Montana, then let us hit you with some knowledge: it's dragon season. This is not a safe time for our friends to be deserted.

Listen, you can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, but if you don't donate and your friends don't donate, then they ain't no friends of mine.

The S.O.S. Bulletin:

hey dudes we're having horrible luck the last few days with our van — we've already had to cancel a few shows and in a last-ditch effort to raise funds while not able to play shows,,,, we have set up a paypal account for purchase of merchandise/donations while we are stuck.

Any donation will receive a future islands/ ear pwr summer tour cd.

***with a donation of $7 or more we'll mail you one of these dudes
-dan deacon/ future islands split 7″
– ear pwr- i like tacos and beach cd
– ear pwr- tre faux cd

***with a donation of $11 or more we'll mail you one of these duderz
– ear pwr t-shirt
– future islands t-shirt
– future islands wave like home cd
– both of ear pwr's cds

If this does not pluck at the heart-strings directly connected to your wallet chain, here's Ear Pwr's blog:

we spent lot of money to get the van “fixed” today in idaho.
unfortunately, they didn't fix the right problem and now we are stuck 60 miles from where we were yesterday.
basically, we've had to cancel some shows and we're broke.
if you would like to donate spare change to help us out, we would greatly appreciate it. Send us good vibes. we want to get out of montana and play shows!

we love you.

Philanthropy is for cool kids.