It's official: KRS-One is on Duck Down

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[Above: Strange photoshop mayhem with KRS-One and Buckshot]

Duck Down showed it was still hungry when they signed Kidz in the Hall for their upcoming The In Crowd, and their deepening their roots in quality 90s fare with the official announcement that they'll be putting out KRS-One's next LP. It's a sort of crowning achievement for a label whose name was inspired by the KRS-One track of the same name.

Label founder Buckshot has already begun production work for the album with KRS, and he'd muttered about the signing as far back as August 2007, but now that it's official, he sounds downright giddy about the work that's been done so far:

It’s a dream to be able to work with KRS-ONE. Before I even began rapping that is who I checked for. I kept the “Blue Print” album on me at all times. That is all I listened to for an entire summer.

Speculation about the album's name? Does Conflosation sound too cheesy for you? It might be. It might not be. All we're saying is it was bolded-out in the press release.