Jonwayne fucks Disney

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Jonwayne Fucks Disney

Remember that loss of innocence felt upon learning the Disney movies were loaded with sexual secrets, like the penis tower on the original The Littler Mermaid box cover or the priest's erection in the wedding scene? Well prepare to have the innocence peeled back even further with Jonwayne Fucks Disney.

Rapper/producer Jonwayne fired up his trusty SP-404 SX, an iPad for jacking Youtube clips, and a Zoom H2 to bounce sounds to make a free EP that chops up Disney songs with Ginsu precision. Dumbo, The Aristocats, Alice In Wonderland, and Pocahontas all feel the wrath of jonwayne's SP-404 SX. For good measure, Jonwayne dropped a lounge-y bonus beat.

Jonwayne, “Aristocats”

Download Jonwayne Fucks Disney here.