Listen: Bloodlines, “Only the Holy”

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Bloodlines, “Only the Holy”

It's pretty clear what happened in the studio for this one. Ian Curtis's corpse was revived and forced to sing while being chased with a taser. Social Registry kids showed up to fling dervishes around the room in an improvised seance, sometimes possessed and playing in reverse, and the whole thing miraculously coalesced into one monstrous track off a Satanist opera.

This band doesn't exist and probably never will, but it did once, touring with Gang Gang Dance in 2005. You can get your hands on their upcoming LP by ordering it through the Social Registry website (“this will come in hand-made and hand-numbered fold out packaging”), or purchase it digitally.


Blood Lines were a blistering, although short-lived quartet from NYC that brought together James Loman and Raquel Vogl (both previously in The Crainium alongside Brian DeGraw and Tim DeWit of Gang Gang Dance) with the rhythm team of Allie Alvarado & Busy Gangnes (Telepathe).