Yeasayer exposed to UK trend-spotting radiation

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I think we figured out why American bands often find recognition in the UK before they do so back home. Yeasayer is an ebullient, full-blooded Brooklyn band we've dug for a while. They just got back from the isle of Albion, where the press obsesses more over spotting trends. Thus nu gaze's conception only months after nu-rave's over saturation.

So what does Yeasayers fit into? Cuz they definitely don't sound like Gang Gang Dance or The Klaxons. Let's see, Time Out London, what do you see in a band self-described as “middle-Eastern psych-pop/snap-gospel?” “Soft rock,” you say? “TV On The Radio as produced by Peter Gabriel” that's a “palate-cleansing rush in a swamp of uniformity”? Thank god. We've been craving the frozen yogurt of rock. Seriously though, why pigeon hole a weird band so quickly? Maybe they'd rather not be shelved when people start hating on Genesis again. As implausible as that might be in this moment (only months before our reawakened love of blissfully smooth guitar chorus reaches its greatest height), trends kill.

Yeasayer, we'll still love you. And you do sound a little like The Klaxons. That's probably the real reason you did so well on your tour through the six-stop UK trip replete with BBC radio performance. We approve.

Their record, All Hour Cymbals, is out on Now We Are Free in the fall.


13 Rochester, NY The Bugjar
14 Alfred, NY Alfred University
15 Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern
16 Pittsburgh, PA Garfield Art Works
17 Athens OH Baker Union
18 Bloomington, IN Waldron Arts
19 Grand Rapids, MI Calvin College
20 Chicago, IL Schubas
21 Richmond, IN Comstock Room, Runyan Center
22 Champaign, IL the Pygmalion Music Festival / Canopy Club
24 Durham, NC Duke University Coffee House
25 Washington, DC Black Cat
26 Philadelphia, PA The Khyber
27 New York City, NY Cake Shop
28 Providence, RI the as220