Listen: Lupe Fiasco Remixes

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Lupe Fiasco's “Paris, Tokyo” has received some intriguing remix treatment.

[Above: Even big rap stars have crappy Myspace photos you can exploit.]

The first is the same jazzy-Tribe-esque beat, though this time it features Pharrell suavely whisper-rapping about juice boxes, Sarah Greene singing a bridge and Q-Tip helping Lupe redeem his cred with hip hop purists. Hopefully Lupe finally stopped sleeping on Midnight Marauders, should inquiries start popping off again.

The second remix is a jazz interpretation of “Paris, Tokyo.”

It's no “Girl From Impanema,” but it ain't half bad.

Peace to Stan Getz.

Lupe Fiasco, “Paris, Tokyo” (feat. Q-Tip + Sarah Green + Pharrell)

Lupe Fiasco, “Paris, Tokyo” (jazz remix)