What?! FIASCO?

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Our dear Park Slope kids are tearing up the eastern seaboard. Hear their new single, go to their release party on Sunday.

First off, we at Impose are very excited to announce the record release details for Fiasco's sophomore album, Native Canadians, a 10″ vinyl with a CD included inside. The party's coming up this weekend in Brooklyn, so buy your plane tickets if you're reading this in Wasilla, or Phoenix, or the womb:

Fiasco's Native Canadians record release party!
with Aa (Big A, little a), Turbosleaze, Cutter

If you want to download their latest single, “Steve Herman”, you have to go to Fiasco's page on RCRD LBL. Listen to it here:

Fiasco, “Steve Herman”

You can also watch the video for “Oh, You Horny Monster”, or just read Pitchfork's totally amazing commentary. Someone's not paying those people enough to care.