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[This and more classy photos at their Myspace.]

Murdertronics, not to be confused with Murdertron, a member of the collective but not quite its namesake, have a track in “Bmore Get Loose Bay Bay Gurl” that cuts up Lil Jon with an underriding Bmore beat and “was produced entirely by Dypso/Durtface on Abelton Live while Dypso was on a plane to France two weeks ago.”

In their words:

Jon and Chris met in Geneva, Switzerland and began making music some 7 years ago (though had been working independently of one another for over a decade.) Upon reuniting in New York several years ago the two found that the chemistry had remained and the two began working with one another again. Now the two degenerates (no facade) have finished their first live set together and will be playing all over very soon. Bmore, 4×4, Grime, Crunk, Fidget House, etc shall all be explored…

Murdertronics, “BMORE Get Loose Bay Bay Gurl”

[Download it]

Expect them to pop up on the Chief circuit soon. They're doing a set at the South Side Speakeasy after a DJ set by Rev. McFly this Thursday night, and they're playing the Office Ops roof with Team Robespierre and Ninjasonik on August 31.