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Talbot Tagora are a Seattle band that mold obfuscated vocals and deeply unsettled melodic counterparts into very noisy, very moody tracks that are as much punk as they are odes to something very alternative and even Britpoppy (refer to their Elastica cover!).

A quick trip to their Myspace page yields a laundry list of past “fake” gigs with L.A. monsters like No Age and Abe Vigoda and “fake” self-released cd-r's, cassettes and 7″'s dating back to 2006.

Otherwise, this is what you need to know:

Chrysler Europe began the development of the Tagora in 1976, under the code name C9, with the goal of replacing the unsuccessful Chrysler 180 series. Following the same development pattern as with the Horizon and Alpine models, the responsibility for the Tagora's technical development remained in France, while the styling was devised at Chrysler's design centre in the United Kingdom. An early proposal for the name of the car was “Simca 2000”.

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Talbot Tagora, “Hunger Strike”

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Talbot Tagora, “Connection” (Elastica cover)

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Talbot Tagora, “Lady Meeting”

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