Vampire Weekend cover band writes own songs

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We all knew it was just a matter of time. And what a whole lot of time it was, given the bristling pace the Columbians in question set. But don't blame the imitators, there were a lot of gestures to perfect before they could really get inside the minds of the original revivalists. Puffing and wheezing across the finish line, cardigans snugly tied round their drooping necks, ladies and gentleman, may we present to you the first Vampire Weekend cover band.

Hold on. We're being told they play their own songs. But they're called This Is Ivy League. They don't play African music? But look at those suits!

Exhibit A:

This Is Ivy League, “The Richest Kids”

More Beach Boys than Benga Bookends, but listen to those groovy Simon and Garfunkel vocal lines… only 15 years off our zeitgheist's fading appetite for its Graceland sweet spot. Is this an act of preemption?

Exhibit B:

The ivy leaguers, outdoing themselves again.

The preppy, doo-woppy foppisms probably stir up some pre-fab nostalgia for some listeners but seeing as we are dealing with some serious (seriously expensive) education here, we thought we'd drop our own science. Over whose eyes, exactly, does this Ivy League pull the wool? We did a little experiment, and now we have a GRAPH: