Your favorite band's mom, on eMusic

Post Author: has devoted a page to the mothers of independent rock. This means a glimpse into the hand that rocked the cradles of your favorite bands.

There are…

The wistful moms

Jane Pearson, mother of Mary Pearson (High Places):

This song embodies those feelings of loss and pride, of hesitancy and letting go that I've felt for my children as they have left home to follow their dreams.

The mannered moms

Michele Schulz, mother of Michael Schulz (Holy Fuck)

My son, Matthew Schulz is the drummer with 'HF,' as I lovingly call the band.

The Jewish moms (who are not Jewish)

Debbie Kube, mother of Ty Kube (Team Robespierre)
All those piano lessons are coming in handy. I love you, Ty.

The soccer moms

Charlotte Jones, mother of Josh Jones (Evangelicals)
This is a powerful song that generates lots of energy and gets me moving. It is a great work-out song!

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