Doc Robinson, “Golden Daze”

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Today, Columbus, Ohio’s Doc Robinson – comprised of Jonathan Elliott and Nick D’Andrea – premieres their new upbeat, energy-fueling indie pop track “Golden Daze”. It’s bringing a substantial amount of flavor to our week, and we’re thrilled with the way it makes us feel. Even with quasi-melancholic lines like “But we can never go back there to the golden daze,” there’s still a sense of progression – tumultuous as it might be – to the song, both in idea and in instrumentals.

Nick D’Andrea said of the song’s creation, “We wrote ‘Golden Daze‘ in homage to the golden moments of our youth; chopping it up, getting into trouble, smoking weed out of apple cores, playing with fireworks, listening to bone thugs in the suburbs, hanging out with the ‘bad kids.’ The song is like driving away from childhood, looking in the rear-view mirror with a smirk on your face and a tear in your eye. It’s very much a tribute to dear ones who we’ve lost along the way, and to the feeling that life can never be so simple and fun again.”
Jon Elliot added, “In life, we often try to hold onto our dearest memories, telling and retelling stories and clinging to images of time spent. We take photos and make home videos so that we can re-visit the past and relive the moments we hold near and dear. The song honors the stories from our youth that we can never re-live, and to the people and places that made these golden moments so unforgettable.”
It’s an insanely catchy ray of sunshine, and we literally haven’t stopped listening to it for hours.

Doc Robinson celebrates their debut EP release with a show at Brothers Drake in Columbus, OH on Sat, Nov 19th. Golden Daze is out November 21st.