GypjaQ & Anvkai ft. Synead, “Continya”

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After GypjaQ, Anvkai, and Synead finished recording “Continya” in 2014, they held onto it. They waited for the right time to release a song that was so cathartic and meaningful to them. After the election of President-elect Trump, the New York natives knew it was time to drop the track to encourage the disheartened, furious masses.

Over e-mail, Syd noted, “we are looking to reach out to members not only of the black community, but to the communities who often find themselves oppressed by the systems, ideologies and manipulations of white supremacy.”

The resonant Trip-Hop track (produced by Lawlyse) starts with GypjaQ pointedly examining the systems of White Supremacy that influence colorism, misogyny and other facets of systemic racism. Over grooving synths and urgent percussion, GypjaQ and Anvkai passionately question, “all this great history, why distort ours?”

“How much more sacrifice until we wake up?”

And perhaps the most important, “do ya have it in ya to continya’?”

The song’s momentous bridge consists of the three artists bellowing, “It’s not our fault de’m cut us down. But it’s our fault we stay down.” The engaging zeal of their vocals makes the song an inspiring call-to-action for every citizen feeling existentially drained by Trump and the system that may not be “broken” as many proclaim, but fixed intently for our oppression.

You can stream “Continya” below.