Kissed Out, “Minus Yours”

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Ever heard of a little band called Neon Trees? Well, the absolutely stunning drummer Elaine Bradley has branched off to work on a new project, a little band (with BIG sound and MASSIVE potential) called Kissed Out. For a little background on how this synth pop/rock/wave group came to be, we turn to their Facebook bio.

Eric met Bryce in Jr. High. Bryce and Eric were in a rock band together in the late 90’s. Elaine met Bryce on an LDS mission in 2003. Elaine formed a band with Bryce in 2004. Elaine was in a different band with Eric in 2006. Dreams came true as Elaine, Eric, and Bryce formed Kissed Out in 2015. The rest is history.

So now that you have the low down, it’s time to get acquainted with the music. “Minus Yours” is their latest single, and we have the exclusive premiere.

“Minus Yours” is Kissed Out’s weird version of a J-Lo radio hit. It hits with heavy, drawn out bass and gorgeous vocals, provided by Miss Bradley. The chorus is delectably pop, with a very upbeat tempo despite the fact that the song poses thoughts of regret after a breakup. With guitars reminiscent of 90’s alt bands, crunchy synth bass, fat programmed beats, and an infectious chorus line, good luck trying to pin down a genre OR getting the song out of your head.