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SNEAKS is the self-titled cassette by the DC project bearing the same name, due out soon on Sister Polygon. Sneaks is all about pithy punk poetry—incantations condensed into tracks that never make it to the two-minute mark, minimally underscored by bass lines and not much else. With a sometimes monotonous, sometimes self-amused vocal delivery and clean melodic bass lines, Sneaks sometimes feels like a one-person Household, sometimes like an early draft of a Le Tigre song. “Tough Luck” sings, “Boy being / soft rocks / girl being / tough luck,” and “New Taste” near-rhymes off a grocery list of daily distractions (“school sign / quinoa / trash can / yogurt”). The bandcamp page includes the name of the person who recorded the album but not the artist; the “about” page on the Sneaks Tumblr is a question mark. Inscrutability on the internet is pretty sneakpunk.