Introducing the “Is This Venue Accessible?” Tumblr

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Fan Death Records co-founder Sean Gray has curated a Tumblr site to call attention to the need for accessible spaces. Called Is This Venue Accessible?, it features detailed listings for venues, DIY and otherwise, that include information on their ground accessibility, bathroom accessibility, and any inaccessibility issues.

As a person with a disability, Gray writes that he started the site because he has missed many shows due to the inaccessibility of physical space. In addition to giving people with disabilities a useful reference guide, Gray hopes to raise awareness of the problem of inaccessibility that’s widespread among both DIY and non-DIY venues.

For now, the listings are limited to D.C., but Gray hopes to expand the listings to venues in several cities and states, but he needs our help. If you would like to contribute, please send an email to the following address: