Marnie Stern, “For Ash”

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Marnie Stern has released “For Ash” as the first single for her self-titled third album due out on OCtober 5 from Kill Rock Stars.

“For Ash” is a blistering assault on your aural cavities. Frantic drumming and guitar work that will leave you in ribbons coupled with a stronger sense of melody than most of her previous work has me thinking that Marnie Stern has finally figured it out.

Her first two albums were good. If this is any indication, her third album will be great. If it isn't, then we can always hope that she brings back that kissing booth.

The track list for Marnie Stern is as follows:
01 For Ash
02 Nothing Left
03 Transparency is the New Mystery
04 Risky Biz
05 Female Guitar Players are the New Black
06 Gimme
07 Cinco De Mayo
08 Building A Body
09 Her Confidence
10 The Things You Notice

Marnie Stern, “For Ash”