The first time Life Without Jazz has positive meaning

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Idiot Glee

If you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac, be careful because Idiot Glee's new EP might dominate your headphones from now on. We just caught wave of a single off of his upcoming EP entitled “Pinkwood.” The track is tender and jaunty, featuring a moored drum beat impossible not to bob your head to, and lofty vocals. The song carries the sentiment of “knees bumping up against nostalgia” and the fleeting moments we long to cling to but know will never last.

“Pinkwood” is the second track on side A of the Life Without Jazz 12” to be released on February 26. The vinyl is to be released in collaboration with the new label Bureaubureau and Atelier Ciseaux. The album can be preordered now on the Atelier Ciseaux website. The CD version will be released through the American label Hop Hop. Life Without Jazz may bring back fond memories and heartbreak from beyond, but what remarkable album doesn't?