This year's Whartscape to be the last

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Dan Deacon plays the 2009 Whartscape

At least that's what Dan Deacon says.

The Long Island native turned Baltimore kingpin was quoted by the Baltimore Sun today as saying the 2010 edition of Whartscape will be its last. The festival that combines music with art and performance pieces has been a Baltimore institution for the past five years, and this year's lineup is without a doubt its biggest yet. Which is why Dan feels the need to turn the city's cultural attention in another direction.

“I don't
think it can get any larger,” Deacon told the Sun. “We do it for the love of
arranging the festival, and I still love doing it, but I don’t want it
to become an institution — something that just happens. I’d like to try
something new next year and branch out.”

The story concludes with Dan and his Wham City comrades pondering another yearly festival, but one that includes camping.