Pleasure House, Sentient

On May 26th, indie rock quartet Pleasure House will release a new EP, titled Sentient. The five track stunner is certainly not one to miss, with its  standout guitar riffs and intense, driving percussion. In fact, while you listen to the release, you get the very obvious sense that the guys enjoyed themselves immensely while recording. We can’t wait to see it all unfold live, either. But, until then, they took a moment out of their schedules to do a little track-by-track writeup for us, giving a little insight into the work.
Mind Control
The opening track to the EP sets the scene of our 21st century regime – it’s a nod to era of peace love and revolution. It was written as a conversation between us and them: imagine staring in the face of every filthy politician that’s ever plagued your TV screen spouting the same old rhetoric. “I don’t trust a word that comes out of your dirty mouth”. This song was written in protest against the construct of government, the greasy politics that unfold within it and the mind control tactics we’re subjected to everyday by the mainstream media. Don’t trust everything you read or hear.
Father’s Son
This is a really emotionally driven and brutally honest account of one of the most significant events to happen in my life to date. It tells the story of 14 year old me, struggling with demons that I’ve since been lucky enough to shake, toiling with the idea of identity and coping with life changing events that have shaped me as a man today. Like all of the songs though, they are concluded with positivity. I believe that there can always be a silver lining if you choose to take that road, and something that seemed so dark for such a long time became a catalyst for hope and love and friendship way more powerful that it had ever been before.
I wrote Calm as a protest song. It’s a song for the masses who feel disaffected in our society and who are sick to death of the barrage of hateful and cynical rhetoric that bleeds across our screens. It is a message of hope with an aim to reassure. We don’t have to be at war with each other, the real enemy is elsewhere – we just need to redirect our anger. The powers that be will do everything in their power to create a war amongst ourselves.
Inspired by the dirty surf sounds of The Wytches, Sleepwalking is an ode to the disenfranchised who feel ‘woke’. I realised that for years I’d been ignorantly following the rules of society whilst actively protesting against it. I had unknowingly been subject to a mass daydream, like many of us, paddling through life with my eyes closed, believing the lie of life that I was being spun. Like the joyful closing segment of the news, where the presenters tell you of a cat being saved from a tree; we’re manipulated to be fearful of a prescribed subject then told that everything is fine. People are told to work their 9-5s and then told to drown the same sorrows by the weekend. “Feed me lies so I can hope, give me drugs so I can cope”.
Renegade is the no frills rock anthem that’s been a solid selection in our live set for about a year, finally making its recorded appearance on this EP. It’s meant as the conclusion to this entire body of work; a call to arms to everyone who’s been affected by what I’ve said to do something about it – be the change, be renegade. We really got to delve into our bluesy roots with this tune, mustering riffs with spirit of local legends like Page and Iommi as our guidance.
Sentient is out May 26th. Keep up with Pleasure House here.