David Armstrong, "Destiny"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

David Armstrong is a singer/songwriter who is incredibly self-aware.
“Destiny” was written at 2:30am, in the bedroom of his girlfriend’s house, contemplating his choices in relationships, and his pursuit of music.
Quitting the best job he had ever had to break into the music industry, “Destiny” is his creation in a time of great desperation. Before writing it, he deleted all of his previous work. As David tells us:

“I was really fucked up around that time. I wasn’t working — I quit the best job I ever had to make music. I understand that the past defines your future, in a way. I also believe that life is really just a big learning experience, and by scrapping the previously written songs, I learned that the music I was trying to create wasn’t the music my soul wanted to create. “Destiny” is different, to me it feels like a dream, it feels subconscious. The song feels bigger than me as a human. I was reluctant to release it. It’s like i have cold feet, second thoughts. Sometimes fear is good though. Thinking about it, without fear you probably wouldn’t have done a lot of things that you have done in your past.”

You can buy and download “Destiny” from David Armstrong on CDBaby.