The Velveteins, “Hanging From The Ceiling”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider
Hanging From The Ceiling

The Velveteins–a Canadian rock n’ roll trio comprised of Spencer Morphy (vocals, guitar), Addison Hiller (percussion), and Dean Kheroufi (bass) –are here with the music video for their newest track, “Hanging From The Ceiling”. Although it glides along with the instrumentals of a simple 1950s love song, the track deceptively has nothing to do with love, but addresses the notion of separation of the mind from what the body is experiencing.

“The video is pretty much an extension of the concept of the song,” explains lead singer/conceptualist of The Velveteins/protagonist of the video, Spencer Morphy. “[It kind of explores] the idea of being disconnected from what’s going on around you.” 

Indeed it does, as the video begins by zooming in on Spencer, smoking a cigarette and staring off blankly into the distance before he jumps into a pool. It’s as if he needs to feel something, and the symbolizes the wake up call he needs. As he splashes, the scene changes to the guys sitting on a couch in a similar situation as the beginning, staring off into the distance as an obvious house party is in the works around them. (Addison and Dean, kudos on looking like strange, alt mannequins.) The rest of the video continues in the same way, with montages of people laughing and partying in slow motion, while the band stumbles through the scene, unamused and–quite possibly–tortured by the frivolity of it all.

“Listening to the song for the first time I knew right away that I wanted to tap into that vibe of summer escapism, youthful hi jinx, and dozy dreaminess that the band weaved into their single,” elaborates director N. Posthumus. “The video, much like the song and the band itself, tries to not take itself too seriously while still capturing a spirit that will bring listeners back for more.”

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