Calvin Love, “Automaton”

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Calvin Love automation

Alberta-based musician Calvin Love has been releasing music from as far back as 2007 and with his new album, Super Future, he is presenting a new handful of woozy and danceable tracks. “Automaton” the album’s third single, is a truly heartfelt dance number opening with a bass line steeped in infectious rhythm, tapping its feet on dry lead guitar and a spacious chord progression. That deep groove being jettisoned into the instrumental space gives the song an almost brooding sensuality as if Cake spent all their time trying to make each song as sexy as possible. Lines like, “I wish you were a robot / So I wouldn’t feel left out” are sung so unabashedly that they become endearing, so endearing that you forget what an ordinary juxtaposition of words they are.  Love’s nasally vocal style takes the music and lyrics and uses them to immediately begin painting a more poignant picture. You feel pity for the protagonist who ogles at the one they love while brooding from a safe distance. “Automaton” takes that longing and carves it into something very honest and purposeful.

Super Future will be available June 16 through the Canadian label Arts & Crafts. You can stream “Automation” below.

Check out Super Future’s previous singles, “I Wanna Know” and “Daydream” and stream “Automaton” below.