Tonstartssbandht's Midnight Cobra 7-inch

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Tonstartssbandht, Midnight Cobra 7-inch

With this 7-inch release,Tonstartssbandht casts off any squiggly art rock asides and heads straight towards that rock tune monolith on the horizon, crossing the B-side's no-bullshit psych-outs to get there.

Both tracks are off the new skuzzily-titled Midnight Cobras 7-inch on Psychic Handshake Recordings. The first track here, “I'm a Welsh Souper” has floated before in other forms, but this is a new recording:

Tonstartssbandht, “I'm a Welsh Souper”

Tonstartssbandht, “Electric Dragon Sword”

Buy the 7-inch to hear the title track.